Answers to many of the questions we are asked on a regular basis.

There can be many reasons. Our team can work with you to help you discover why this is the case. Some of the usual reasons include:

  • The bid was not targeted. Maybe you saw it on a tender page and thought it might be a good idea to bid.
  • Mandatory requirements were not met. These may include financial requirements, 3rdparty certification of systems or project expertise
  • Not understanding what the client really wanted. Often, this is because an effective pursuit was not undertaken prior to the tender being released
  • Comprehensive responses to all tender schedules were not provided. Surprisingly, many tenders fail to actually answer the questions properly
  • The people presented did not have the right experience 
  • A poor commercial offer or too many contractual departures

This is all very subjective, but in general terms, most companies tendering for work via competitive bidding processes achieve tender success rates of less than 30%. Those who do it well can get above 50% and global best practice is up at 70-80%.

When we have implemented the Marelius way of bidding for work, our success rate is generally 60 to 70%.

Our bid managers and writers follow a process. This process is applicable to any industry sector and has been proven to work across industries. We tap into the knowledge that your subject matter experts (SMEs) provide for your particular industry to produce compelling bids.

We cannot guarantee success. Too many factors are at play in tendering that we may not be able to influence and we certainly don’t know what the competition is doing.  

What we do guarantee is our commitment, work ethic and honesty. If we don’t think you can win a bid, we will say so. You may still want to bid and that’s fine. What we do love, is a challenge. We love the opportunity to pull together a great team to develop and submit a high quality bid, and of course, to win!

We do whatever works best. Most of the time, it ends up being a balance of time in our office getting on with managing and producing a bid and time in your office, discussing strategy, reviewing bid stages and so on. We are totally flexible and do what’s best for everyone.

It is very difficult to say a particular bid will cost $X. Each bid is different and every company we work with is different. We tailor our costs to suit the project.

We mostly work with consultants, constructors and operators of infrastructure ranging from global Tier 1 corporates to local Tier 3s and 4s. We have also undertaken some work with small businesses in developing business strategy and providing a tendering framework.

If we can make a difference to your business, we’d love to work with you.

Quite simply, that would be the end of our business. Firstly, we are a very ethical and honest organisation. We do not share confidential information. Secondly, we have nothing to gain from such behaviour. Word would spread and we would have to close our doors.

We often work for companies who compete against each other in the same or different industry. If required, we are happy to sign Confidentiality Agreements, but in reality, we find we are never asked to. We are trusted not to share your business intelligence and never do.

Our coaching skills and expertise are wide ranging. We have coaches on our team who work with individuals from high powered executives to those who want some coaching on personal matters. 

We also coach teams to help build their performance in front of clients, such as during interviews, presentations and workshops. We can tailor a coaching experience to suit your needs.

Most of our team is based in Brisbane, Australia and we operate throughout Australia, predominantly out of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Some of our coaches operate internationally, undertaking coaching sessions via Skype.

And yes, we do travel to meet the needs of the work we undertake.

If anyone has some work they need done on the Amalfi Coast or the Greek isles, then we are the company for you 🙂