Humans Being At Work


Jen West


Humans Being At Work

I have successfully collaborated with Mark on several projects as a workshop co-facilitator.  To facilitate literally means ‘to make easy’ and the facilitator’s job is to make it easy for the group to do its work.  In my experience working with Mark is easy. His easy going style immediately puts people at ease, which makes it easy (and fun) for the group to do its work and achieve the aims and objectives of the carefully designed workshop.

Mark is a true professional who knows his stuff; content and process, technical and non-technical.  He is a skilled and experienced facilitator with an innate ability to get the best from the people.

To his clients he offers a unique blend of strategic thinking with a grounded ability to quickly build rapport and form strong relationships.  It is evident that people, senior and junior, like and trust Mark. This trust forms a solid foundation which allows him to successfully push boundaries and challenge norms which inevitably achieves results that well exceed client expectations.  He is a courageous facilitator who is not afraid to name the ‘elephant in the room’ and to challenge individuals and the group.

But the thing I respect most about working with Mark is his ability to engage people through a combination of smart questioning and deep listening, and that he always ‘protects the outliers’ to encourage diversity of thinking.

It is always a pleasure working with Mark – I always learn something.